samedi, 16 octobre 2021

opens lower as DAX expands

Major stock exchange in opened lower on Monday, as the German stock index DAX included 10 more business to its portfolio. In company, Lufthansa revealed it would increase its capital by EUR2.1 billion. Germany’s manufacturer rates increased in August and investors will keep an eye out on the fallout from the AUKUS security offer.

The DAX started 1.61% at a loss, with Heidelbergcement falling 4.36%. The FTSE 100 was down by 0.45% at the opening bell, as Glencore reduced 3.96%. The CAC 40 began 1.59% lower, with ArcelorMittal losing 6.01%.

The euro dropped 0.07% versus the dollar trading for $1.17172 at 9:04 am CET, while the pound decreased 0.37% against the American currency choosing $1.36856 a minute later.

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