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3 défis clés auxquels chaque équipe de service à distance est confrontée

The calendar is turning quick and prior to we know it, we’ll be inviting 2022. By now, you’re well aware of the benefits of remote work, such as no commute and more time on your hands, cost savings on fuel and office overheads, capability to work with from a larger skill swimming pool, and so on.

But with those pros come some cons. Specifically for your client service team, who’s used to working in a busy, vibrant office environment.

While there are plenty of obstacles any remote group faces, here we’ll dive deep into the three key ones that every remote customer support group faces, plus pointers and tools to overcome them.

  • Obstacle # 1: Taking on increased customer support demands
  • Obstacle # 2: Keeping your remote team united
  • Difficulty # 3: Trouble keeping your team’s growth in mind
  • Wrapping up

Challenge # 1: Tackling increased client assistance demands

The pandemic led clients to quickly adopt the convenience and hassles of purchasing practically whatever online. This naturally means an increase in assistance requests which, to a big degree, includes basic questions such as « Where is my order? », « How can I return this? », and so on.

So while the requirement for customer support is rising, your remote assistance group’s work does not necessarily need to. Consumers actually choose self-service over sending out emails, sending help desk tickets, or waiting for the next readily available service rep on the phone.

Zendesk’s 2020 Consumer Experience Trends Report recommends 69% of consumers want to fix as numerous issues as possible by themselves, and 63% of customers constantly or generally start with a search on a business’s online resources when they have a problem.

A number of efficient self-service solutions consist of:

  • Chatbots: An incredible customer support tool that offers instantaneous responses to your clients’ frequently asked concerns round the clock, is unsusceptible to frustration, and can even assist your consumers to different pages on your site based upon what they’re trying to find. Utilizing an AI-powered chatbot option can likewise assist you include a touch of personalization.
  • Understanding base: An understanding base is essentially a centralized repository of easily available details (FAQs, usage guides, etc.) about your products, organization policies (subscription, returns, information privacy, and so on), and other niche-relevant subjects. Use a knowledge base tool to let clients quickly look for assistance details and get detailed answers on their own.

With such self-service options in location, your client service team can concentrate on solving more intricate problems that genuinely require a tailored human interaction. Their energy and time are much better invested in making sure client fulfillment, which in turn translates into higher task complete satisfaction and less unnecessary overwhelm for your team.

Promote the usage of live chat over phone calls and big e-mail threads. 41% of consumers choose live chat for contacting assistance groups. Not only is it a quicker and more convenient way to communicate, however live chat messages are a lot easier to manage and arrange, making life simpler for your remote service group.

To much better preserve and enhance client relations, investing in a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution makes sense.

With the best cloud CRM, not only can you develop a self-service chatbot and understanding base to resolve all Frequently asked questions, but also capture and arrange all client information and queries in a central hub so your remote support team has easy access to all the details and can readily check the status of a consumer prior to interaction.

Challenge # 2: Keeping your remote team united

For uniform customer service across all touchpoints and representatives, it is essential to keep your assistance team on the very same page at all times. And when working remotely, doing so can be a bit of a difficulty.

Sure, using a cloud CRM tool as discussed above will be of great help in keeping all client information and company details centrally accessible. It allows your remote reps to track previous conversations with consumers at-a-glance, so they can provide a constant support experience.

To keep your remote group unified, there’s more to it than that. Your team requires to communicate and bond well with each other, too. Your company success is not just about customer relationships however staff member relationships as well.

The bright side is that there are a lot of methods and tools to keep your group unified. Professional instant messaging tools like Slack or Skype allow your group to quickly communicate and share feedback without doubt. These tools enable a somewhat casual yet expert method to internal interaction– with using GIFs and memes– and therefore cause a more engaged remote team.

You can produce a remote service team group on these apps to encourage water-cooler conversations and knowledge/resource sharing. They can learn more about each other better, discussing their interests, individual life, and regional activities.

Another way to bolster unity is to hold a short video huddle meeting weekly so everyone learns more about how and what their associates are doing.

And do not forget the importance of team-building even when working from another location. Routinely host enjoyable team-building activities, such as virtual happy hours, competitive online video gaming, enjoyable quizzes, etc. to have everyone come together and create a favorable remote working experience.

Difficulty # 3: Trouble keeping your group’s growth in mind

If you’re serious about being customer-first and offering impressive customer support, you’ve most likely already developed some customer support essential efficiency indications (KPIs), such as:

  • Average Resolution Time
  • Client Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  • Very First Reaction Time (FRT)
  • Client Effort Score (CES)
  • And more.

When running remotely, you require to regularly advise your group of these KPIs and the benchmarks they require to pinch hit optimal efficiency. If your group has clear KPIs that define their success at work, they’ll have the ability to much better prioritize crucial tasks, reach their personal objectives, and grow as customer care experts.

Reward their hard work when they hit those benchmarks with benefits, public acknowledgment, personalized digital present cards, etc. to keep them inspired.

Furthermore, moving from a 100% in-office workplace to a completely remote group includes an aspect of modification management and training. Your remote customer support group must accurately understand who they are assisting on the other end of the phone, e-mail, or social media, and how to do it effectively.

To guarantee your remote service group consistently provides high-quality customer assistance, host frequent training sessions on crucial topics such as item knowledge, empathy, listening, crisis management, following up, preserving a constant tone of voice, etc.

. With so many things to manage at once, it’s simple to overlook your remote team’s goals. Nevertheless, it’s vital to remember that your customer service team has a career path and professional objectives they want to hit. If you do not acknowledge this, you risk losing them.

Whether your remote service reps work full-time from the exact same continent or part-time throughout various time zones, it is your duty to track these KPIs routinely and have regular one-on-ones, training, and a set of equally agreed-upon goals.

Finishing up

While it’s definitely no simple accomplishment to manage a remote customer service group– and there are sure to be hiccups– it’s very much possible to simplify your remote service operations for ongoing organization growth.

With the ideal processes and cloud-based digital innovation– CRM software, chatbot and understanding base tools, and communication tools– your remote team will be better and more effective.

And above all, your customers will continue to enjoy first-class service, increasing client retention and word of mouth. Put the above pointers and tools into practice right away!


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