lundi, 4 mars 2024

Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate – Orca Confirmed as Co-Developer

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate is going to be relatively huge, at least according to series developer Yuji Horii. It was currently revealed that HexaDrive (The 3rd Birthday, Rez Infinite) would be helping with advancement however Orca, which co-developed Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age and Ace Battle 7: Skies Unidentified, is likewise onboard.

The designer revealed that it’s recruiting for Unreal Engine 5 advancement staff to work on the role-playing game together with unannounced UE-developed video game material. Available positions include Character Artist, Animator, Rendering Programmer, Interface Artist and much more. While the level of Whale’s involvement is unknown, this at least suggests that the title will be on a bigger scale than its predecessor.

Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate is currently slated to release around the world however doesn’t have a release date or confirmed platforms at this moment. Its fight system has actually been « totally renewed » though and the story is already finished, though the designer will take a while to execute it. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

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