lundi, 4 mars 2024

Steam Next Fest Announced for October 1st to 7th With “Hundreds” of Demos

Valve has confirmed that its second Steam Next Fest will take place at 10 AM PDT on October 1st to 7th. This time around, there will be “hundreds” of demos to check out and though a schedule hasn’t been released yet, there will be livestreams and interviews with developers as well.

Some of the games that will be featured were teased in a new trailer. Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy, Anno: Mutationem, Biwar Legend of Dragon Slayer, Mahokenshi, Inscryption (which was announced at the recent Devolver Direct), the long-in-development Tunic and more. Given the range of genres and releases that have been offered in the last Steam Next Fest, not to mention the number of indie releases in the future, expect plenty of choice this time around as well.

Originally launching alongside The Game Awards in 2019 to promote indie games, the Steam Next Fest has had several follow-ups before its eventual renaming. Stay tuned for more details when it returns in the coming weeks.

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