samedi, 16 octobre 2021

Lille fan to be prosecuted for sexual exhibition during derby against Lens

La Voix du Nord report this afternoon that following the crowd difficulty that marred this weekend’s Lens-Lille derby, an away supporter is set to be prosecuted after masturbating in front of Lens fans.

The fan in concern was imagined exposing himself to among the house stands, which included numerous households. The man might be imminently called up to Lens’ central police station, and will be prosecuted for « sexual exhibition », a crime which causes a 1 year jail sentence and a EUR15,000 fine according to the French penal code.

Other investigations currently underway concerning the derby concern the pitch invasion, the throwing of objects (especially seats), and a Nazi salute. This Saturday’s occurrences saw 6 hurt in total, consisting of one member of the riot authorities who stepped in to push back Lens fans’ pitch invasion.

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