samedi, 16 octobre 2021

Olivier Giroud sur Mike Maignan : « Je pense qu’il sera le numéro un de quand Lloris partira. »

In an interview given to Serie A’s official channel and transcribed in Gazzetta dello Sport, French striker Olivier Giroud discussed his arrival at Milan this summer, as well as dubbing his compatriot and teammate Mike Maignan as the next number one for the national team.

“Before coming to Italy this summer I also spoke with Fikayo [Tomori], who told me “we’re waiting for you to come try and win the Scudetto”. I don’t want to put too much pressure on us, but we are fighting for the top spot in the league.”

“I am proud [to play for Milan], Serie A is the league I watched when I was young. My favourite player when I was young was Shevchenko, I’m lucky to have the chance to be able to score in this shirt like him. These emotions are why we play football, I can’t wait to give it my all for the team and the Milan fans.”

“Both of my grandmothers were Italian and I am proud of my roots, I learnt the language at school. I love this country and obviously its cuisine, it’s a bit behind the French one but it’s still good [laughs]! I can’t wait to learn the language better and discover Milan to see it with my family.”

“I think [Maignan] will become the starting goalkeeper when Lloris leaves, he’s very talented.”


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