vendredi, 27 janvier 2023

Twitter facilite la modification des paramètres depuis Android

is making a little modification to Android that will make it simpler to access specific areas of settings without getting annoyed.

If you’re one of those who get lost among the options used by the configuration, it will assist you to have the brand-new aid offered by on Android.

adds a search bar for settings

When we wish to make a modification to our account we have to go through the setup. However it is not constantly that easy, since we need to search for the choice we need between various sections.

And although it needs to be recognized that the configuration is well organized, we may not constantly find the choices we need to make the modification first. To address this problem, Twitter is making a small modification to the Android app.

As Android Headlines points out, the Android app is including a search bar to the Settings area. Instead of scrolling through the different sections of the configuration to find the matching choice, you can use the search engine.

You will discover this search bar at the top of the Settings area. Simply by typing a keyword, it will throw you the various options that relate to that search. Basic and useful.

For instance, if you type « password », you will see that it recommends the « Your account » and « Reset password » sections. A vibrant that is appreciated, since it will save us needing to go around in between different sections from the mobile.

It is a little change but it improves the user experience from mobile. And it is not the only update that has launched these days. It has actually also included the possibility of setting direct messages in addition to a new function that permits determining « excellent bots », to name a few novelties.

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